Dr. Finch donates over half of all his royalties to support mental health awareness, opioid crisis relief, and veterans with PTSD. He is forever thankful for the support that saved him after a traumatic childhood and is committed to paying it forward.

Arctic Revelation

“...this is a thriller …the reader can’t resist going forward to find out how it all connects ...the heady concept, action and danger pay dividends.”


~ Kirkus Reviews ~


Arctic Revelation

About Dr. Hugh Finch

The Finch Famiily
Dr. Hugh Finch and his protagonist, Dr. Christian Yates, share a number of similarities. Both grew up on a picturesque farm in the mountains of North Carolina, and both have spent a lifetime trying to overcome childhood trauma that left them with repressed memories and nervous tics.
Their paths crossed again in Denmark, where Dr. Finch spent a transformative year after high school. Later, he participated in a Political Science exchange at the University of Copenhagen in partnership with his
alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

This adventurous phase contributed significantly to shaping Dr. Finch’s life and, consequently, his writing.

Following his residency, Dr. Finch embarked on a rewarding academic journey, ultimately ascending to the position of Assistant Dean and Professor at Stony Brook University’s School of Dental Medicine in New York.

His rich tapestry of academic and life experiences lends an authentic texture to his writing.

Dr. Finch currently resides in Connecticut with his wife, two children, and a mischievous Goldendoodle.

Arctic Revelation Summary


“...a true masterpiece.” -OnlineBookClub.org Reviews

“...a mindblowing psychological thriller.” -
Discovery Reviews

“...this is a thriller …concept, action and danger pay dividends …the reader can’t resist going forward to find out how it all connects.” -Kirkus Reviews

"Arctic Revelation" by Dr. Hugh Finch is a captivating psychological thriller that masterfully weaves together suspense, mystery, and paranormal elements into an engaging narrative. Drawing deeply from Dr. Finch's personal experiences in Scandinavia and academia, this debut novel provides a unique glimpse into the cultural mysteries of Denmark, a country renowned for being one of the world’s best countries to live and home to some of the happiest people on earth.

The story revolves around Christian Yates, a character shaped by a traumatic childhood event leading to his father's death, amnesia, and a frustrating nervous tics. As an Assistant Professor in psychology, his promising career faces threats from a manipulative department chair and a patient with an unprecedented case of multiple personality disorder. Amidst these challenges, Christian becomes the target of a sinister serial killer, 'The Surgeon', pulling him into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Set against the contrasting backdrops of a tranquil Rhode Island university and the mystical landscapes of Denmark, Greenland, and Switzerland, the novel takes the reader on an exhilarating chase for the truth. Christian's quest leads him to Greenland's icy terrains, in search of an ancient psychotropic elixir lost in the vast seas of time. This elixir is not just a key to healing Christian's psyche but also a gateway to unlocking primal human memories, presenting him with a life-altering choice.

Finch's novel is praised for its unique blend of speculative science and murder mystery, touching upon themes like psychedelic-assisted therapy, Danish culture, the opioid crisis, life in academia, repressed trauma, the plight of Indigenous peoples, and the pressing issue of climate change. The early chapters set the stage for Christian's background, alternating between his present-day struggles and past encounters, including the traumatic incident that leads to a patient's murder, for which Christian is initially blamed.

As Christian delves deeper into his research on ancestral memories, the plot thickens with international intrigue, involving a Danish pharmaceutical company with dubious intentions and a series of disguises and deceptions by various characters, including The Surgeon. The narrative builds to a climactic revelation culminating in a shocking 'whodunit' conclusion that has kept even the most seasoned readers captivated and guessing right till the end.

Critics and readers alike have hailed "Arctic Revelation" as a masterpiece of suspense and intrigue. It's a story that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, blending deep psychological insights with breathtaking action and deep human connections. This novel is a must-read for anyone who loves a story that not only entertains but also challenges and enlightens.
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Dr. Finch interview with Naomi Boltin from Manybooks.net After winning this award.
1. Please give us a short introduction to what Arctic Revelation: A Thousand Lifetimes in the Blink of An Eye is About.

Arctic Revelation introduces Dr. Christian Yates, a new psychology PhD graduate. His steadfast belief in ancestral memories encoded in human DNA has cost him his reputation and job opportunities. Moreover, his determination has drawn the attention of both a ruthless pharmaceutical CEO and a master of disguise serial killer, each pursuing the knowledge Christian seeks.

2. Your protagonist, Dr. Christian Yates, holds controversial views about ancestral memories stored in human DNA. What inspired this unique premise?

The premise is autobiographical to some extent. Christian, like me, endured a childhood trauma that led to blocked memories. Arctic Revelation was inspired by Christian's (and my own) journey to uncover these repressed memories. I was very fortunate to have received wonderful support and therapy as a child. I attribute much of my adult success to this early childhood intervention. This is a very clear theme in 'Arctic Revelation,' and it is also the reason I donate the majority of royalties from the book to support mental health awareness and other related causes, such as PTSD and the opioid crisis.. 

3. Both Dr. Christian Yates and the serial killer known as "the Surgeon" are complex characters with intertwining narratives. How did you approach developing these characters, and what aspects of their personalities did you find most challenging or intriguing to portray?

Both Christian and The Surgeon are obsessed with finding the yet-to-be-discovered interface within our DNA that gives access to the infinite store of ancestral memories we all carry. Christian's obsession comes from a place of wanting to help his patient and better himself. The Surgeon's obsession stems from a belief that a secret of unimaginable power and destruction lies hidden deep within the collective memory of all mankind.

4. The novel takes readers on a journey through various locations, including Denmark, Greenland, and Switzerland. How did you use these settings to enhance the suspense and intrigue of the story, and what research did you conduct to ensure accuracy in depicting these places?

The adage, "write what you know," is very applicable in this case. I had the good fortune to study abroad for a year in Denmark after high school, and then returned to study at the University of Copenhagen during an exchange from my alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During this time in Denmark, I was able to travel through Europe, including Switzerland. Danish culture is rich with history and tradition. There's a reason Denmark is routinely voted one of the best countries in the world to live in, with one of the happiest populations on the planet. I tried to infuse my experiences and understanding of Danish culture throughout the book to enrich the reader's experience. Most people think Denmark is one of the smallest countries in the world, but Greenland (the largest island in the world) is a territory of the Kingdom of Denmark and makes Denmark one of the largest countries in the world!

5. Your novel touches upon several significant themes, such as psychedelic-assisted therapy, pharmaceutical ethics, and mental health awareness. Can you discuss the importance of these themes in the context of the narrative and your broader intentions as an author?

The majority of indigenous peoples around the world have ancient rituals and natural psychedelics they use to commune with the spirit world and their ancestors. Modern medicine is only now realizing the vast potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy in treating conditions such as PTSD and repressed trauma. To quote ‘Arctic Revelation’, “Modern-day mental health providers have only recently begun to utilize these various techniques and psychotropics to help patients. Had we spent more time appreciating and protecting the indigenous peoples around us, we could have long since learned what they’ve known for countless generations. We are just scratching the surface of a vast reserve of untapped access to the mind, memories, and subconsciousness via psychedelics.”

6. "Arctic Revelation" combines elements of speculative science fiction with murder mystery. How did you navigate blending these genres, and what challenges did you face in ensuring a cohesive and engaging storyline?

To be honest, I had no idea what path or genre this story would take. I approached the plot as I would any scientific endeavor. I generated a hypothesis: in this case, the idea that there is a yet-to-be-discovered interface between our environment and our DNA. This interface, among other things, allows us to record all the sensory data we accumulate over a lifetime into our genetic code to be passed to the next generation. The plot and characters emerged very organically as I worked to prove and explore this theory through a fictional story. I didn’t set out to make this a whodunit mystery; this also happened naturally as the story progressed.

7. The novel employs alternating timelines and perspectives to reveal crucial plot points gradually. Why did you take this approach?

Every character in this story has been manipulated and damaged in one way or another by the Surgeon, whose identity is unknown until the final chapters. At the end of the day, Arctic Revelation is also a very complex whodunit that I believe adds to the excitement and suspense of the story.

8. Are there any particular authors, books, or films that influenced your writing of "Arctic Revelation"? How did these influences shape the tone, style, or thematic elements of your novel?

Dan Brown's work significantly influenced my approach to combining educational elements with a compelling narrative. I aspired to create a similar experience of discovery and wonder, enriching the novel with a blend of mystery, science, and history.

9. Does this book contain any hidden message? What do you hope readers take away from the story?

In all honesty, 'Arctic Revelation' is a metaphorical Russian Nesting Doll of hidden messages. Some contribute to the 'whodunit' plot, but others are meant for future installments, so I must tread lightly. Without giving too much away, 'Arctic Revelation' is the first step down a much greater path that will show the human mind, spirit, and collective consciousness are far more valuable and powerful than we give them credit for.

10. Your novel has received praise for its gripping plot and thought-provoking themes. How do you approach balancing entertainment value with intellectual stimulation?

My goal with 'Arctic Revelation' is to explore the current boundaries of our knowledge and then take a step beyond. There is so much we don’t know about our past, our origins, and our potential as a species. I believe we are on the cusp of unimaginable scientific breakthroughs and discoveries as our knowledge of the world and the universe grows exponentially. I love trying to incorporate all this wonderful science into a thrilling fictional plot with complex and lovable characters. 

11. When starting on a new book, what is the first thing you do?

Even though my writing is fiction, I am constantly searching for truth and logic. I have a general idea where I want the next book to go, but I also know there are numerous problems that must be solved along the way before the plot and characters have reached their full potential. My job is to identify these problems and obstacles that must be overcome and solve them. If I can do this with honesty and integrity, the end product will be a story that speaks to the reader and takes them on an adventure that is both educational and entertaining.

12. Do you have any interesting writing habits? What is an average writing day like for you?

With a busy practice and family life, I rarely have dedicated blocks of time for writing. Instead, I write for five to ten minutes in between seeing patients or while waiting to pick up one of my kids from school or sports. Smartphones, Google Docs, and other online platforms have given us the ability to write anytime and anywhere, which I feel is extremely important. I mention this because I rely heavily on my subconscious when writing. Each time I encounter a problem with the plot or a character, I try to take my mind off writing and focus on something else, or try to get a good night's sleep. Almost like clockwork, I will wake up with the solution to the problem, or it will come to me in the middle of surgery or while writing a patient note.
I learned this technique decades ago in university after about a thousand exams and standardized tests. When taking a test, you always want to either preview all the questions before starting or skip any question you aren't absolutely sure about. This way, your subconscious/unconscious mind can work on the problem while your conscious mind is focused on other tasks. 

13. What are you working on right now?

I am currently developing the next installment in this series, focusing on deepening the themes introduced in Arctic Revelation and exploring new dimensions of the characters and their journey. Although details are still under wraps, the project is progressing well.

14. Where can our readers discover more of your work or interact with you?

I try to keep my website, www.Drhughfinch.com, and social media sites up to date, and I respond to messages and emails as quickly as possible. Below are links to my social media platforms:

Blog - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - TikTok - LinkedIN - YouTube
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Arctic Revelation

Intense, intriguing, suspenseful, riveting, who-dun-it, psychological, thriller!



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Lias B Mullen

Suspense filled thriller!

Great debut! It's a roller coaster ride. Just when you think you have it figured out more info is presented and makes you think. Excellent read!

James A.

Multi-faceted plot with

great characters!

This book is very riveting from the first page. There is constant forward motion and action. Great character development. Couldn’t put it down!

Sherry L.

 It’s a page turner!
This mystery is like no other I’ve ever read. I can usually predict what’s going to happen but not with this book. A must read.

Dr. Hugh Finch
My first Book!.


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1. A Magnetic Main Character:
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2. The Power of Relatability:
One of the secrets to crafting an irresistible page-turner is ensuring that the main character is relatable. Readers need to see a part of themselves in the character's struggles, desires, and motivations. When a character faces challenges and dilemmas that resonate with our own experiences, we become emotionally invested in their journey.
3. Unveiling Depth and Complexity:
Great page-turners introduce main characters with depth and complexity. Their flaws, strengths, vulnerabilities, and idiosyncrasies make them feel real. We root for them as they navigate through the twists and turns of the plot, their evolution mirroring our own growth as readers.
4. The Art of Suspense:
Suspense is a fundamental element in the page-turner formula. As the main character delves into perilous situations or uncovers secrets, the author skillfully weaves a web of intrigue that keeps us on the edge of our seats. We become addicted to the thrill of not knowing what's around the next corner.
5. Relentless Pace:
Page-turners are often characterized by a relentless pace. The plot moves swiftly, and the stakes continually escalate. This fast-paced narrative keeps us engaged, eager to know how the main character will overcome each new obstacle.
6. Unpredictable Twists:
Another hallmark of page-turners is their ability to surprise and shock readers with unexpected twists and turns. These narrative curveballs not only keep us guessing but also force us to stay up just a little bit later, promising "one more chapter" until the book is finished.
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An amazing main character elicits an emotional investment in their story. Whether we're experiencing their triumphs, heartbreaks, or moments of courage, we're connected on a deep, emotional level. We laugh with them, cry with them, and cheer for their success.
8. Moral Dilemmas:
A page-turner often presents its main character with moral dilemmas. These moments of ethical quandary invite readers to ponder their own values and beliefs, and in doing so, become more engrossed in the story.
9. High Stakes:
The stakes in a page-turner are sky-high. Whether it's a mission to save the world from catastrophe or a personal quest for justice, the main character's objectives are paramount, and their success or failure carries significant consequences.
10. The Power of Resolution:
The climax and resolution of a page-turner provide a satisfying payoff for the reader's investment. After accompanying the main character on their harrowing journey, we crave closure and resolution. The resolution of a page-turner is often as critical as its opening, leaving us with a sense of fulfillment and emotional satisfaction.

11. The Art of Crafting:
Writing a page-turner is no small feat. It requires a deft hand to balance all the elements mentioned above. A skilled author knows how to create and sustain suspense, draw out complex character development, and keep readers engaged from the opening sentence to the final word.

Page-turners are the literary equivalent of a thrilling roller-coaster ride. With an amazing main character at the helm, they offer readers an immersive experience filled with suspense, intrigue, and high-stakes drama. The art of crafting a compelling page-turner lies in the author's ability to create a character that resonates with readers, to spin a tale full of surprises, and to masterfully pace the narrative.

When all these elements come together, you have a book that is nearly impossible to put down, and that's the magic of a page-turner, an artful escape into a world of thrilling exploits an
d unforgettable characters.

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